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Stage 1 Performance Kit: This kit includes a complete performance cylinder head with valves and springs pre installed, a 80cc piston with cylinder, rings, piston pin, and piston circlips, a replacement oil pump, 6 gram variator rollers, a complete gasket kit, and new cylinder head studs. This kit will make your scooter feel like it has double the power. It will not increase your top speed much at all, but will accelerate much quicker and not loose as much speed on steep hills. Click the picture below for more details.

Parts: $150

Labor: $235




Stage 2 Performance Kit: This kit comes with eveything in the stage 1 performance kit and a chrome perfromance exhaust system complete with a exhaust gasket, hardware, and a mounting bracket . This kit will give your scooter even better performance results then the stage 1 performance kit with added low end torque do to its free flowing exhaust. One thing to know is the scooter will be twice as loud as the factory exhaust. The exhuast will put out a deep throaty sound. refer to the video to compare sound.  Click the picture below for more details.

Parts: $325

Labor: $250

Rolling Wrench gy6 stage 2 kit


Stage 3 Performance Kit: This kit comes with eveything in the stage 2 performance kit, plus a high angle racing cam shaft, a performance pod air filter, a magnetic drain plug kit, and a performance cdi box. In the stage 2 kit we focused on low end power. With the stage 3 kit the cam shaft will increase the mid range power. The combination of the performance air filter and high rev cdi box allows the engine to rev higher and faster. The magnetic drain plug kit helps protect the engine against wear and tear. Click the picture below for more details.

Parts: $500

Labor: $440

Rolling Wrench stage 3 kit



Stage 4 big bore kit: This kit comes with a complete 80cc kit, performance exhaust system, big bore cam shaft, pod air filter, magnetic drain plug kit, performance cdi box, and a complete racing transmission kit. This kit will fit most chinese scooters Click the picture below for more details.

Parts: $715

Labor: $550

Rolling Wrench stage 4 kit gy6 qmb139


2-Stroke 49cc to 70cc big bore kits


Stage 1 big bore kit: (FOR 2 STROKE SCOOTERS ONLY). 70cc big bore engine kit: This kit will transform you tiny 49cc into a much bigger motor 70cc. This will improve your acceleration in a major way. We can install this kit in your scooter in about 2.5 hours, this includes all carburetor adjustments and complete install of the big bore motor kit. You will be showing off your new kit in the same day. Please be sure to check with us for proper scooter fitment. We will need your year, make, and model.

 Parts: $150-$250

 Labor: $285-$380

scooter 70cc kit cylinder kit big bore 

Stage 2 big bore kit: (FOR 2 STROKE SCOOTERS ONLY).  70cc big bore kit, performance exhaust and performance air filter. The stage 2 kit is the same as the stage 1 kit but it also includes a performance intake. The performance intake allows far more air to be sucked into the motor. The stock air filter is about the same as putting your hand over your mouth and trying to breath. There is a ton of restriction. By having us install the performance filter your scooter will get ten times the air flow it did before. The the more air the more power. All that air has to go some were, and the stock pipe has about the same restriction as the stock filter. So we update the exhaust pipe as well with a expansion chamber style performance exhaust pipe. After that we install variator rollers and clutch springs for a total transmision makeover. Now your motor is bigger and it can finally breathe and get the performance that was locked away. We install the performance exhaust, performance air filter and the 70cc big bore kit. This includes all carburetor work as well to adjust the jetting to the new performance parts. Again this would be a same day service.

Parts: $390-$490
Labor: $285-$380

uni air filter high flow for scooter         scooter exhaust expansion chamber        scooter 70cc kit cylinder kit big bore  scooter clutch springs perfromance  blue variator rollers


Stage 3 big bore kit: (FOR 2 STROKE SCOOTERS ONLY). 70cc big bore kit, performance exhaust, performance air filter, performance cdi box and performance ignition coil. This kit is the same as stage 2 but includes a high performance racing cdi box and a high performance race ignition coil. Now that we have made the motor bigger and have increased our air flow. It is now time to upgrade our ignition to a high performance ignition. To do this we replace your stock boaring cdi box with a performance cdi. This will advance your timing and curve to give you more power all the way across the board. This goes hand and hand with the performance ignition coil. The new ignition coil will give you a stronger spark for cleaner fuel burning. The last step is to modify your transmission clutch springs and variator roller waights. By this time your scooter's motor and ignition is totally race ready. But have the advantage for everyday riding. We install the complete stage 3 kit . This job can also be done in the same day.



performance scooter air filter   scooter 70cc kit cylinder kit big bore  Performance exhaust sytem scooterperformance ignition coil  scooter perormance cdi cox scooter clutch springs perfromance blue variator rollers


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